17 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas

wooden x fence in a front yard

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A garden fence is a practical way to keep critters away and gives structure to a yard or garden. A fence gives clearly delineate a garden from the rest of the yard while adding a bit of personality and style to an outdoor space.

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    Wood and Wire Elegance

    gray garden fence
    Brooke Giannetti

    This fence uses wood and chicken wire in a casual elegant way to separate the garden from the rest of the yard, and adds a focal point with an inviting breakfast table among the garden beds. The chicken wire looks at home in this setting as it helps the roses climb and thrive.

    The W's Garden from Velvet & Linen

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    Minimalist Iron Fence

    iron fence

    Instagram / ironcraftfences

    This easy-to-install iron fence can be put in place in one afternoon. It's as sturdy as a chain-link fence, but its design and black finish is an elegant way to keep unwanted guests out of your garden. This fence puts practicality over ornamental aesthetics, yet its streamlined simplicity fits anywhere on your property. 

    E​uro Iron Fence from Iron Craft

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    Modern Geometric Wood Fence

    wooden geometric fence
    Blog Lovin'

    This geometric wooden garden fence combines a rustic, yet modern and contemporary feel. It's open and airy, so the garden beds still feel like they're a cohesive part of the yard, but the embedded wire effectively keeps pests out.  

    Rabbit Fence from Tara Dillard

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    Stepped Wood Fence

    wooden garden fence
    Bower Power

    If you want a way to secure your yard and garden while also offering a little privacy, this modern wooden slat fence does the job. It's tall enough to keep both animals and onlookers at bay. It's also stylish enough to add curb appeal to your home. The uniform and stepped look of the slats are visually flattering on the hill. Vertical strips hide imperfections where the panels meet and the dark stain helps the fence blend into the landscape.

    Garden Fence on a Hill from Bower Power

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    Gated Rustic Fence

    DIY wooden garden fence
    Merry Pad

    This fence surrounding a garden is stained with a DIY solution made by soaking steel wool in vinegar and then using the slurry to add color to the wood. The stain color can react differently on various woods, and tends to deepen with age. For this fence, the owner used apple cider vinegar for the stain mixture. This sturdy, stylish fence also keeps the deer away from this lush vegetable garden.

    Gated Rustic Fence from Merry Pad

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    Tall and Private Fence

    black garden fence
    One Kings Lane

    It's surprising how one corner of a fence transformed a less-than-inspiring backyard into a luxurious garden. The stylish, contemporary black horizontal slatted fence integrated with a trellis design is practical and welcoming, creating a private and relaxing nook for a peaceful Sunday morning with coffee. The lattice panels are designed for vine plants to add greenery to the space. 

    Backyard Makeover from One Kings Lane

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    Logs and Chicken Wire Fence

    wire fence around a garden
    Decor It Darling

    This simple garden fence with wire and logs adds rustic charm while it works to keep the plants safe. This option has a lot more height than some of the other featured fences, but because it's still open it doesn't feel boxed in or overwhelming. 

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    Recycled Pallet Fence

    palette garden fence
    Backyard Boss

    The wooden pallet can be one of the best recycled materials from which to build a DIY garden fence. Pallets can be found for pennies (or free) and they have a rustic, yet modern design depending on the type of garden fence you create. This fence made from palettes gives this backyard's landscape a modern and sophisticated feel. To add color to your yard, paint the pallets to match your garden, or whitewash them for a traditional look. 

    Pallet Fence from Backyard Boss

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    A Traditional Picket Fence

    white picket fence

    What is more beautiful, colorful, and classic than a white picket fence enhanced with layers of gloriously colored wildflowers? Not only does a white picket fence add a huge dose of curb appeal to your home, but many styles also come in easy-to-maintain composite or vinyl materials. White picket fences are beautiful additions to every style of house from colonials to capes to farmhouses.

    White Picket Fence from HomeBunch

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    Railroad Tie Retaining Wall

    railway sleeper around garden
    Keven Shipley

    Railway ties, also called sleepers, are common materials used in landscaping for their rustic, vintage feel. They're durable and easy to handle, and add a lovely deep, dark patina to any landscape. When sourcing railway ties, be sure to avoid salvaged items treated with creosote, which can be toxic to humans and plant life. Instead, look for railroad ties made from recycled and composite materials that offer a rustic, sturdy appearance but without any of the health risks. 

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    An Arbor Garden Structure

    white picket fence
    Designs Northwest Architects

    An arbor is a vertical garden structure that simultaneously invites guests into your home, gives your yard a focal point, and adds curb appeal. The walls and roof of an arbor have an open lattice framework to support colorful flowering vines, such as roses, clematis, wisteria, and honeysuckle.

    Victorian Landscape Gate from Designs Northwest Architects

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    Classic Rose Climber Fence

    garden fence

    Instagram / ggardenman

    Imagine how lovely the scene looks when the sun hits this breathtaking and simple white fence surrounded by climbing rose bushes. To achieve this classic look, space climbing rose bushes about six or seven feet apart along the fence to give them room to grow and spread. 

    Living Fence from Ggardenman

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    Painted Pallet Fence

    pallet fence
    The Garden Glove

    Scoring a free pallet is exciting, especially when you know it can be used for a garden gate. This gardener used the pallet as her canvas and painted sunny sunflowers as a welcoming sign. Before painting pallets, you'll need to prep them. Sand off the splinters and snags, fill in nail holes and as many imperfections as you'd like. Go freehand or use a stencil for outdoor painting. Use spray paint formulated for outdoor use for a neat and vibrant look to match your garden.

    Recyclart from The Garden Glove

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    A Chunky Bamboo Retaining Wall

    bamboo garden fence
    Garden Lovers Club

    Bamboo is a popular material for outdoor landscaping. Here, large stalks of bamboo are cut and arranged side by side to blend into the landscape while separating the garden area from the rest of the space. Each bamboo stick is perfectly cut and then wrapped with white roping. To cut thick bamboo poles, use a hand saw or table saw. Put masking tape around the area you are cutting to prevent splintering of the wood. 

    Bamboo Fencing from Garden Lover's Club

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    Double Decker Deer-Proof Fence

    chicken wire and metal fence
    Instagram / rachelevolve

    If keeping away pests and animals from your garden is your biggest concern, this two-story metal and wire fence can serve that purpose. This garden fence uses heavy-duty metal and wire to contain the garden and is tall enough to keep deer away. The caps on the poles accent the elegance of the fence.

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    Rustic Split Rail Fence

    rustic wooden fence

    Instagram / thecountrylane

    This rustic fence looks like it's always been there. The fence is made from old, distressed wood, which contrasts with the brightly colored flowers. Look for weathered barn wood or reclaimed old fence wood to recreate this scene in your yard.

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    A Lit up Fence

    white fence with string lights

    Instagram / miumari_74

    String lights never go out of style. These vintage Edison bulbs add a whimsical touch to an outdoor garden. This white wooden fence looks enchanted on a summer night with the string of cafe lights and the simple white daisies meandering across the slats. 

    Vintage Fence Lighting from Jaana Turunen

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